5 Ways Animal Concerts Can Help Artists

5 Ways Animal Concerts Can Help Artists

With declining album sales, the increase in streaming, and limited touring capacity, artists’ revenues have been declining sharply, whilst fans are starved for interaction and are looking for a more personal connection with their beloved musicians.

Animal Concerts is creating new opportunities for musicians to interact with and generate new revenues from their most passionate followers. Here are 5 ways that Animal Concerts can help Artists.

#1. Build Exposure through Blended Fan Bases

By streaming a Virtual Concert alongside other Artists, engaged fans will encounter your music perhaps for the first time. An online virtual concert is great to watch and generates tons of exposure for your talents. Production of online virtual concerts that are then streamed on things like Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and even via the Animal Marketplace or can help you to generate increased following for your entertainment brand. If you already have some fans, you can deliver these unique entertainment experiences to keep fans engaged.

#2. Increased Fan Loyalty

By having virtual concerts fans will see the lengths you’ve gone to know you’re serious and so that they enjoy the experience of the event. Virtual Concerts offer a range of immersive camera angles to bring the performance to life. 360° cameras on stage coupled with a VR headset gives vans an immersive experience like never before from the comfort of their own home.

#3. Increased Revenue

The largest stadiums in the world cannot seat 200,000 people in one sitting. Virtual concerts can stream to millions of people at once, touching the hearts of households all around the world. Fans are paying to see online virtual concerts from their favorite artists and bands. Tours and mass gatherings have been postponed and online virtual concerts are filling the void and finding traction providing new experiences that will continue in a lockdown-free world. Virtual Concerts can be streamed live but also added to streaming platforms for recurring revenue.

#4. Market Your Brand as Collectibles

The younger generation is increasingly choosing to purchase digital items such as in-game collectibles, compared to real-world items. There is a growing demand for virtual collectibles, and concert merchandise can pair perfectly with that. It is becoming easier to enjoy virtual assets on a day-to-day basis. These collectibles add a new revenue model akin to Baseball cards, but with greater functionality.

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#5. Stream Your Show, From Anywhere

Artists benefit from online virtual concerts in the fact that they can produce live shows from just about anywhere. These shows can also be viewed from anywhere on any device. Artists can literally perform an online virtual concert from any location as long as there is a broadband internet connection.

Events globally are moving online — especially in the last year. The Belgian mega rave Tomorrowland went online in 2020 and sold over 1 Million tickets. People threw parties in their houses, invited their friends, and partied like they were there. This is now becoming mainstream and the potential here is enormous.

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