Please note we are NOT accepting any applications from:

This decision applies to United States, American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands

We will ask you to complete a KYC/AML process offline for confirming any purchase. Please refer to the overview of our conditions and standards below.


Know Your Customer Requirements and Standards

The following sections provide an overview of the KYC requirements of our AML/CTF & Sanctions Policy and related procedures. These standards may not address all regulatory requirements a Third Party may have with respect to onboarding its own customers. Additionally, we may, on a risk-basis, require a Third Party to conduct additional KYC.

KYC For Individuals

When conducting KYC for customers who are individuals, a Third Party must collect the following from the customer before the account is opened:

●  Full legal name

●  Date of birth

●  Residential address (must be a street address, not a Post Office (“PO”) box. If the individual does not have such an address, an Army Post Office (“APO”) or Fleet Post Office (“FPO”) box number, the residential or business street address of next of kin or of another contact individual, or a description of the customer’s physical location is acceptable)

Identification number this is one or more of the following: a taxpayer identification number; a passport number and country of issuance; an alien identification card number; or a number and country of issuance of any other unexpired government-issued document evidencing nationality or residence and bearing a photograph or similar safeguard.)

Information collected from individual customers must be verified such that the Third Party has reasonable assurance that they know who the customer is. Verification may be documentary or non-documentary.

Documentary verification is performed when the customer submits an identification document (“ID”), along with a “selfie” to evidence that the customer is the same individual as listed on the ID. The ID must be:

●  Government issued

●  Unexpired

●  List the holder’s nationality or residence

●  Bear a photograph or similar safeguard

●  Show information in Latin characters

Examples include passport, or driver’s license.

IDs can be manually reviewed, or can be submitted to a vendor such as Jumio or Onfido for verification.

Individual customers will pass documentary verification only if the ID provided verifies the information provided by the customer:

●  Name match and DOB match

●  Name match and passport number match

Non-documentary verification is the preferred method, and includes comparing the information obtained from the customer with information obtained from a consumer reporting agency, public database, or reliable other source.


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