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Metaverse & NFT Services

Animal Concerts is focused on serving multiple stakeholders across the event ecosystem, including fans, artists, management teams, and major brands, taking advantage of the vast and incredibly exciting opportunities within the 2D and 3D digital world.

We have Studios in London, New York, Miami, LA and San Franciso to record metaverse concerts. We provide a turnkey soltuion for artists to safely take the leap into streaming in all major metaverse platforms.


We provide tailored solutions for live and non-live metaverse concert experiences, from 3D content production and animation to sales and marketing, distribution and NFT design, minting and distribution. Our approach is to work closely with the artist to ensure the specific objectives (i.e., deepening fan engagement, broadening market exposure, generating new revenue streams) are achieved. 

Management Teams

Animal Concerts works with management teams to identify the best approach for their artists, considering the existing fan base, online presence and fit across the various distribution platforms. We are building iconic venues in multiple metaverse environments and designing features to enable highly personalized and engaging experiences pre, during and post show, aligned to the needs and preferences of each artist.


The virtual world opens-up an entirely new catalogue of advertising inventory and opportunities for brands to expand their reach and deepen their relevance with new audiences. We are building a catalogue of ad inventory that is not constrained by physical world limitations, opening entirely new and exciting options for publishers and brands to reach and engage with audiences.

Take a look at the exciting venues we are designing in the metaverse


For enquiries for us to host a metaverse concert, at no cost to the artist, please email  [email protected]


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