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Your privacy is important to Infinity Conglomerate Group. (“ICG”). This Privacy Policy explains how ICG collects, uses and discloses personal information, including information collected when you register for a ICG trading service, visit our website and correspond with us, and when we provide other products and services to you. 


By providing ICG with your personal information, you consent to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of that information by ICG in accordance with this Privacy Policy and as otherwise permitted by applicable law. You may withdraw your consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and on reasonable notice to ICG, but then you might not be able to proceed with your intended interactions or transactions with ICG or otherwise receive the full benefit of ICG’s products and services.  Please refer to Section 6 of this Privacy Policy to learn about your options with respect to the withdrawal of your consent. How ICG Defines Personal Information In this Privacy Policy, “personal information” means information about an identifiable individual, such as an individual’s name and email address, but does not include (to the extent permitted by law) information that is publicly available in a telephone directory or that is business contact information that enables an individual to be contacted at a place of business. Personal Information also does not include information that has been aggregated or anonymized, as explained in Section 11, below. Personal Information that ICG Collects Information You Provide You may be asked to voluntarily give your personal information to ICG when you interact with ICG, including when you register for a ICG trading service, subscribe to our newsletter, interact with our social media accounts, request information or use another product or service provided by ICG. For example, we may collect: 
contact information (such as name, email address, postal address and phone number) when you make an inquiry or contact us; 
contact information, bank account and other financial information, date of birth, government-issued identification information (including social insurance number), employment information and information regarding your financial goals when you register for a trading service with us or communicate with us regarding a trading service; 
contact information and payment card information when you purchase another product or service from us; 
personal information that is publicly available on your social media account when you interact with a ICG social media account; and contact information, communications preferences and correspondence you send to us.  In those circumstances, you can choose not to provide certain requested personal information, but then you might not be able to proceed with your intended interaction or transaction with ICG or otherwise receive the full benefit of the desired product or service. Information You Provide About Others In some cases, such as if you sign up for a trading service on behalf of a corporation, you may provide personal information to ICG about others (such as the directors of that corporation). If you give ICG the personal information of another individual, then you are solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws, including obtaining that individual’s valid consent to your collection and disclosure of that individual’s personal information to ICG and to ICG’s use, disclosure and retention of that individual’s personal information. Automated Collection ICG may automatically collect certain information regarding your use of ICG’s website made available to you, such as the dates and times that you use the website, the browsers, operating systems, software and devices that you use to access the website and details of your use of the website. ICG’s website, email messages and advertisements may use technologies (e.g. cookies, web beacons, tokens, pixels or tags) to collect information that assists ICG to improve its products, services, customer communications and advertising and to prevent fraud. ICG may use information collected through technological means to recognize you as a user of ICG’s website, to facilitate and improve your use of ICG’s website, to confirm that messages have been delivered to and opened by you and to provide you with targeted advertisements. You may choose to decline or disable cookies if your web browser or device permits, but doing so may affect your ability to access or use certain features of a website. More information about cookies used for interest-based advertising is set out in Section 4(c) below. Some of the information automatically collected by technological means is non-personal information (because the information does not identify you), and ICG will handle that non-personal information as explained below in this Privacy Policy unless applicable law requires otherwise. Information from Third Parties In some circumstances, ICG may collect personal information from third parties. ICG will only collect your personal information from a third party if we have obtained your consent to do so, if you have provided your consent to the third party, or if we are legally required or permitted to do so. For example, if you purchase a product or other service offered by ICG that involves third parties, we may collect information from that third party to the extent necessary to provide that product or service. How ICG Uses Personal Information General ICG may use your personal information collected by ICG for purposes relating to or arising from your relationship and transactions with ICG and as otherwise set out in this Privacy Policy or permitted by applicable law, including: 
to administer your relationship with ICG, including to contact and correspond with you regarding the trading services we provide to you, your accounts with us and the other products and services you have purchased from us, to create a confidential profile for you and to provide you with trading customer service; 
to facilitate your interactions and transactions with ICG, including to provide you with personalized preferences; 
to provide products and services to you; 
to process and respond to your inquiries, requests and other communications; 
to provide you with information (including by email and other electronic messages) regarding ICG and our products and services and products and services offered by other businesses, to the extent permitted by applicable law; 
to maintain, protect and improve ICG’s products and services and to develop new products and services; 
to protect and enforce ICG’s legal rights, interests and remedies and to protect the business, operations and clients of ICG or other persons, including security and fraud monitoring and prevention; and 
to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. 
Subject to your right to with…


A Hard Working Man is an NFT platform and marketplace (the “Platform”) that provides creators with the tools and technology to create, mint, and sell customized non-fungible tokens via blockchain technology (“NFTs”). 

In order for you to use the Platform, you must accept these Terms and Conditions of Use which govern the Platform. As used in these Terms and Conditions of Use, the Platform and the services offered by Block Entertainment Limited Concerts (“Block Entertainment Limited”) shall include all features and functionalities, website, and user interfaces, as well as all content and software associated with the service.

1    Services

a.    By using the Platform, you grant and license to Block Entertainment Limited the right to mint and sell NFTs embodying or granting access to unique digital assets, content, experiences, property or packages (“Creator Content”).

b.     You shall set up a “creator” profile on the Platform.  Block Entertainment Limited shall have the right to store your identification metadata, e-mail, and profile details, and Block Entertainment Limited shall have the right to run a verification of profile procedure to confirm the accuracy of such data.  Personally identifying information is subject to Block Entertainment Limited’s Privacy Statement, the terms of which are incorporated herein.  Please review Block Entertainment Limited’s Privacy Statement at [link to Privacy Statement].

c.   You shall have sole access and control over your account via a personal password or other identification technology (e.g., fingerprint). You shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the accuracy of the information you provide Block Entertainment Limited relating to your account.

d.  You agree that the initial sale of the NFTs may be made only via the Platform.

e.   You grant Block Entertainment Limited the right to use your name, related trademarks, and Creator Content in connection with the sale, promotion, and advertising of NFTs and the Platform.

f.    You shall be solely responsible for the terms to be encoded in the NFT smart contract (i.e., the on-chain data that facilitates the rules and utility associated with the NFT). As between you and Block Entertainment Limited, you shall be responsible for the administration, execution and fulfillment of the primary and secondary market sales of the NFTs.

g.    You agree that your marketing efforts comply with current applicable laws and regulations, including those governing digital assets and tokenized representations of assets, and privacy compliance.  You agree that at no time will the marketing efforts (i) encourage speculative behavior in connection with any NFT or (ii) indicate that the value of any NFT is derived from or linked to your or the Platform’s efforts or labor. .

h.    With respect to any packages, experiences, or other non-digital types of redeemables, you shall be solely responsible and liable for the facilitation, implementation, rules and regulations, policies, operations and performance with respect to such experiences.

2     Ownership/Intellectual Property

a.    The Creator Content, including any copyrights and trademarks therein and thereto, but specifically excluding the Underlying Service Provider Technology, shall be owned and controlled by you.

b.   “Underlying Service Provider Technology” shall mean (i) Block Entertainment Limited’s know-how, processes, methodologies, inventions, know-how, user interface designs, architecture, libraries,documentation (both printed and electronic), copyrights and trademarks, and (ii) any improvements, developments, derivatives, enhancements or extensions of the foregoing conceived, reduced to practice, or developed by Block Entertainment Limited that are not uniquely applicable to the Creator Content and that have general applicability in the art.  Any and all rights in and to the Underlying Service Provider Technology shall be owned, controlled, and reserved by Block Entertainment Limited.  Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, to the extent (if at all) any Underlying Service Provider Technology is incorporated into or necessary to create and use the Creator Content and NFTs, Block Entertainment Limited hereby grants to you a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide license to fully exploit, sell, reproduce, manufacture, distribute, publicly perform, sublicense, and otherwise use the Underlying Service Provider Technology as embodied in or related to the Creator Content or NFTs.

3     Block Entertainment Limited Fee.

a.  You shall encode the Block Entertainment Limited Fee and Block Entertainment Limited crypto wallet address as provided by Block Entertainment Limited in the NFT smart contract.

b. With respect to NFT sales on the primary market via the Platform, the Block Entertainment Limited Fee shall be Five Percent (5%) of Gross Revenue

b. With respect to NFT sales on the secondary market, the Block Entertainment Limited Fee shall be Five Percent (5%) of Gross Revenue


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